What Is Torrent? What You Must Know When Using Torrents?

Torrent is one famous file sharing protocol that is based on P2P that is peer-to-peer technology. This allows huge numbers of the users to connect & share their content without relying on one single source for downloads. The torrents are highly popular it is estimated that around 3.35% of internet traffic is actually handled by the BitTorrent, bringing total number of the monthly users to more than 250 million!

Pirate Bay Proxy

On surface torrenting is easy and simple to use. There’re plenty of moving parts of torrenting experience. You do not have to know ins & outs of the file sharing in order to make this work, however, it is good to understand what makes it to work so that you will get most from your downloads.

Torrent Depends on the Users and Not Servers

Whenever you get the file from website and hosting service, then chances are you are downloading this content from the single computer. The host and client relationship is straightforward, but downsides include certain things like slow speeds, limited bandwidth, and censorship. After all, suppose the file exists at one place, all host needs to do is to remove it & nobody can use it!

And torrent will neatly sidestep these problems of slow speeds and availability. You do not download the files from just one source, and you download them from dozens. Every user who downloads any file is turned in uploader (or seeder) that in turn offers more sources to other users for downloading. More people who are using BitTorrent, stronger it gets. It is just one of many reasons that Pirate Bay torrenting has become so popular in the recent years. When you are torrenting, always remember that you are the part of community. You can seed a lot, keep good ratio as well as help other fellow torrenters to participate in the file sharing!

Is it Safe?

Any advanced technology will come with some hurdles to overcome, BitTorrent is of no exception. When torrenting got popular people began using this to share the pirated content, particularly high-quality films & TV shows. This soured public perception for torrenting as the tool to break the law that is a bit unfair. BitTorrent has many legal uses, distributing your files without any server to sharing content effortlessly with your work group or school. Torrenting is perfectly legal, however, like any good tool; you may use this in the illegal ways.

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