Things to consider when choosing a mobile application development platform

The increase in the employ of smart phones has caused a  important increase in the demand for mobile application. Companies have recognized that mobile applications can help them increase the value of their brand and also improve their commercial offer to their customers.

However, before developing a mobile application, it is important to decide on which mobile application development platform the application will be built on. And the choice of the mobile application development platform is one of the most important decisions when developing an application.

Market share

The mobile development  first way  to decide on the appropriate mobile application development platform is to know each of its market shares.. Therefore, if you are your target audience, you should consider iOS. Android is preferred by users from Asian and African countries and is the best mobile application development platform if you want to reach users in these regions.


When choosing between mobile apps outsourcing company    a varieties of mobile development platforms, it is also important to take into account the demographic aspects. Android users are usually those from a low income group and prefer Android, since these devices are quite affordable. In addition, Android mobile devices are usually owned by people from an older age group. However, because most Android applications are available for free, there is less commitment to them. iPhones, on the other hand, are preferred by users who belong to a group of middle and higher incomes. These users are generally younger, educated individuals who are willing to spend money when it comes to buying digital products such as mobile apps.

ios app development


contented categories also take part in an significant position in decide which mobile function development platform to choose. Research has found that those who own iOS devices tend to explore a variety of application categories when looking to download a mobile application. From games and entertainment to social networks and education, iOS users tend to download different types of applications. It has also been discovered that Android users, unlike iPhone users, usually download only social applications. Therefore, when choosing a MADP, it is important to take into account the content categories.

Navigation conversion rates to buy

Navigation conversion rates to buy should always be taken into account when choosing between mobile developments platforms. Studies have exposed that this speed is superior between iOS users. 23% of iPhone users are more probable to make purchase from their smart phones. Android user, on the other hand, are less probable to do this.

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