The different types of psychedelics that can be detected by reagent testing kits

The prevalent use of reagent testing kits is the result of the increasing number of psychoactive and psychedelic drugs and substances that are dangerous that is why it is very important for anyone who is a frequent partygoer and music festival enthusiast to bring their own reagent testing kits in case they are also a recreational drug user.

Prior to taking any psychoactive substances or psychedelic drugs, it is proven to be important to know whether the substance is consisted of what the manufacturer claims it to be, or if it is another different substance or a combination of it entirely.

marquis reagent test kit 

There are relatively inexpensive marquis reagent test kit available on the market that can be utilized to conduct a spot-test for a particular pill or powder to determine if it is a dangerous substance that can harm a person.

You should take note that a reagent test kit is only capable of detecting the presence of a particular chemical or substance and not the overall composition of it which is why it is used by many knowing that it is not as complex as what you do in testing in laboratories. When it comes to the most accurate test of a substance’s comprehensive purity, it is best to provide a sample to a laboratory to undergo comprehensive testing and analysis to determine its overall composition.

To add more, a substance that has been tested spot-on is not necessarily considered safe for consumption at all considering that there are many contributing factors such as the mixture of multiple substances and chemicals that vary from different lighting can produce varying results with the same presence of substance found in the pill or powder that was tested by a reagent test kit.

With that being said, it is important to know as well about the harmful side effects of psychedelics which is a broader class of drugs that are usually referred to as hallucinogenic drugs which alters a person’s conscious perception and the thinking process or cognition function of the person who takes it in a manner that the person’s conscious experience of the world is altered in a way that is very different like an imaginary world.

For example, our central nervous system uses depressants and stimulants to amplify the states of our conscious experience, whereas using a psychedelic drug which alters these in a way that it is no longer in its familiar state, however, a lot of people consider it as a new state of consciousness.

The majority of these drugs are believed to affect your neurotransmitter serotonin primarily, even though there are many multiple effects that come with it.

There are hundreds of compounds and substances that are found in psychedelics when you use a reagent testing kit that can cause several effects to a person. The most common psychedelics are hallucinogens, LSD, magic mushrooms, peyote, along with various plants and substances such as ketamine and phencyclidine, and many more subclasses of compounds, substances, and plants which cannot be found in the current banned substance list of drug enforcement agencies and health department agencies.

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