The top criteria for choosing a refrigerator

Before choosing your refrigerator, you must first determine the type you need. Also, think about which arrangement would be best for you and the type of refrigeration you want. Click here for mini fridge review.

Fridge Freezer

The refrigerators freezers refer to models that include a separate door to the freezer. It is, therefore, a real compartment dedicated to freezing, totally independent of the refrigeration part. Visit this site for mini fridge review.

The freezing cold is much more efficient than the freezer refrigeration standard and can reach the -18 ° C required to properly store frozen food for several months.

Multi-door refrigerator

The multi-door refrigerators have at least three doors, one or two for the refrigeration section and two doors for the freezing section. They can also be equipped with a water fountain/ice cube.

This type provides a large enough freezer part for not having a freezer at hand, in the cellar or in the cellar. The refrigeration part is, for its part, also sufficient, since the total volume is larger than a standard freezer.

This type will be well suited to large families living in small spaces.

freezer refrigeration

American refrigerator

American refrigerators consist of 2 vertical doors with a water fountain and/or ice cube. They can also have a bar compartment included in a door (convenient not to open the entire fridge and let out the cold).

These are only large volume refrigerators, that is, more than 400L, which are suitable for families of 4 or more people.

As a general rule, one side of the refrigerator is reserved for the freezing part and the other for the refrigeration part.

Attention to size and volume

This is probably the first thing to do before moving forward in the choice of your refrigerator, check the surface and the volume that you have available so you do not have any unpleasant surprises when your refrigerator is delivered:

-The width

-The height

-The depth

Also, pay attention to the position of your electrical outlet. If it is located directly behind the space provided for your refrigerator, plan 10cm more to leave a space behind. In any case, plan about 10cm behind your refrigerator to let it breathe.

Also, be careful to choose a refrigerator with sufficient interior volume. Some builders have the unfortunate tendency to reduce interior space for better insulation.

What type of cold to choose?

There are three types of cold for a refrigerator and/or freezer:

-Static cold

-The cold brewed

The ventilated cold

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