Five ways to start off strong in Rising of Kingdoms

Governing your own personal settlement or village is quite difficult and challenging that is why you should choose a strong commander to lead your troops, employ scouts to discover the thick fog of war, and also research new technologies and a lot more.

All of these activities and a lot more lead directly to the development of your settlement into an era-defining city or kingdom. Riseofkingdoms is based on the gameplay systems on all the above-mentioned mechanics and there are tons of things that you have to do to stay on top and also in order to keep your kingdom fully-functioning and war ready.

To help you out in creating a stronger kingdom or city, here are some important and essential tips and tricks that are proven useful and helpful in order for you to progress in the game and lead your kingdom to greatness.

  • Follow your quests and daily objectives as your guide to progress- The game provides you a lot of quests to complete, and there are two different types of quests that you can keep on track just by checking out the piece of parchment and a quill tab on the left side of your screen where you can see the main quest and the side quest. You have to make sure to click on the blue arrow next to the tab to view your main and side quests visibly.
  • Join an alliance immediately- As soon as you joined an alliance, you will gain a lot of benefits like speedups, additional resources, and war coordination and rallying. However, you have to make sure first that the alliance that you have joined is active and are willing to cooperate with its allies. A well-managed alliance has a lot of members and it usually gifts you with different items and resources as perks of being a member of a specific alliance.


  • Strengthen your commanders- During the first phase of the gameplay you can only command a single commander which also acts as the official hero of the civilization that you have chosen, but as the game commences and progresses, you will gain access to new commanders with unique abilities, and in order to make them effective in gathering resources and especially during battles. It is best advised to upgrade all your commanders equally so that you can balance your forces during the gathering, barbarian attacks, and to battle your foes as well.
  • Upgrade your buildings to its maximum levels before you upgrade your city hall- In order to acquire new buildings and upgrade your gathering, recruiting and harvesting capacity, you have to make sure that all your building especially your farms, quarries, wood mills, and your barracks are fully upgraded to make it easier and faster for you to upgrade your city hall.
  • Recruit new troops regularly- Make sure that you are not outnumbered when you head into battle. You can recruit troops to aide your commander in each battle at recruiting buildings like barracks, archery ranges, and stables. These type of buildings recruit’s swordsmen, archers, and cavalry units which can be upgraded as the game commences.
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