Make the right choice for a wig

This can happen for pleasure but also out of necessity because of hair loss. In both cases, choosing the wig that suits us is not always easy. Here is a small guide to not be wrong. First, there are two types of wigs: those made with natural hair those made of synthetic material Today, wigs made of synthetic material have greatly improved and look more and more like those made with natural hair. They also have the advantage of being lighter and less expensive. Note that the price difference between a wig made of natural hair and synthetic material is very important.

Synthetic and natural hair wigs: what’s the difference?

A natural wig

  • Luxury real hair wigs Natural hair wigs offer a particularly strong and crying result of truth. Also, they have the advantage:
  • To be more elegant and more resistant than synthetic hair wigs;
  • To allow to make wicks, undulations, smooth parts or cuts;
  • They can receive a blow-dry, a coloring, a permanent and the fibers can be smoothed;
  • To find the feeling of wearing real hair.
  • On the other hand, they have some disadvantages :
  • Composed of real hair, in case of rain, it will be necessary to redo the hairstyle.
  • They require heavier maintenance than synthetic hair.
  • They can cost up to 3 to 5 times more than their counterparts in synthetic hair.

Synthetic hair

  • Synthetic hair wigs are also very effective. They stand out from synthetic hair wigs by the following facts:
  • Their maintenance is much easier.
  • They are lighter which gives them a major advantage when choosing.
  • They are less expensive to buy and to maintain.
  • Strong of these characteristics, their use presents nevertheless some weak points:
  • They can not withstand heat, so it is impossible to dry them with a hairdryer in case of rain, to smooth the fibers with straighteners.
  • Once the cut and colors are chosen, the synthetic hair wig can not be changed. Likewise, they can not be colored.
  • Finally, the choice of a wig also depends on:
  • The color of the complexion of the skin, the eyes or the eyebrows for more harmony;
  • of the shape of the face.

Wig cap and waist

  • The cap is an integral part of the wig although it is invisible. It is essential because:
  • it brings comfort when wearing;
  • it aims to restore the appearance of the scalp;
  • It is on this support that synthetic or natural hair will be fixed.
  • The different models sold on the market are as follows:
  • the hand-made monofilament bonnet: it is the most expensive model bringing great comfort and a perfect support thanks to the hair implanted individually by hand, like a real scalp;
  • the hand-made tulle beanie is the best value for money, it offers the same benefits as the micro-filament hat, but the appearance may seem a little less natural;
  • The net cap is the cheapest on the market, but can sometimes be unnatural and uncomfortable.
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