The selective rack allows the storage of general loads

The selective rack offers the ideal solution to solve the most common storage problems in the warehouse . The use of this storage system-as is the rack-provides 2 great benefits, since it solves the deposit problems with respect to:

  • General charges
  • Pallets

With the use of the selective rack , the deposit is used; since the vertical space is used for the stowage. The structure supports up to 3000 kg per pallet and up to 6000 kg in the support plane. The selective rack provides quick and easy access to stored products. For allowing access quickly and safely, the selective rack is the logistics solution for deposits where there is a diversity of products in storage. Number of   Hitch storage for your car

The system of racks for heavy load by means of its advanced technology allows to manage in an easy and accessible way the storage of products and merchandise regardless of its weight or length..

aluminum hitch cargo carrier is good or not

We intelligently design the distribution of the racks based on the available space, height of the warehouse and type of forklifts to use to increase the storage capacity.

We have robotic cranes for selective systems, horizontal and vertical carousels to automate storage management. We are pioneers in the development and production of high density storage solutions.

Roof rack

  • Like the name, this carrier can be attached to the roof of the vehicle. You can have special carriers assigned to the crossbars. If your car does not have side rails, you can place yours in the rain gutters. Many manufacturers have custom roof racks that adapt to almost all vehicles.
  • Specialized carriers can be open and closed; Some are customized for the transport of bicycles, skis, kayaks, canoes and snowboards. There is great flexibility with specialized carriers. Open conveyors can transport large items, while closed conveyors avoid loads of weather elements and thefts.
  • Cargo haulers have a high retention capacity and have the advantage of not blocking the taillights. You can mount your loads very easily


  • More suitable for long items such as canoes, kayaks, ski boards and bicycles.
  • With a roof rack, do not obstruct the rear view mirror.
  • It is not necessary to add brake lights as in the coupling of a trailer
  • It has a large load capacity of up to 200 pounds
  • Closed-roof conveyors have locks for added security
  • His articles are protected from climatic elements such as rain and snow.
  • Some come with double doors for easy access to merchandise
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